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Graphshion | Fashion, Graphics, Design, illustration, clothing, apparel
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Welcome to Graphshion

We LOVE FASHION and we provide services in the pursuit of fashion development.

Design teams translate trend boards into concept boards that are used to guide developers, in line development.
Having a visual concept of an idea assists the design team in keeping focused on a desired direction.

Graphics & Illustrations help us as individuals convey a message to others how we are feeling at a given moment in time, Graphshion is a catalyst for them. Clients ideas are the beginning of a message set by them and translated by me.

Presentation boards are used to identify the theme, mood, or spirit of an idea. The best presentation boards fuse visual and verbal elements into vivid images.
Focus on a fashion trend or theme for mainstream.

What started out as a hobby redesigning tops under my own label, quickly became a fun past-time among friends and family. Now it has blossomed into a small business through custom orders online, go to my contact page.

The building blocks of Fashion

Where Graphics and Fashion go hand in hand